December 01, 2008

SLIPKNOT'S Psychosocial !~!

Meeh,.. just wanna post this... Giahahahahaha!!!!

ENJOY!~!... or not, if you're into Britney Spears' stuff I sure can't..nay... I sure WON'T help you... heheh!


I did my time, and I want out,
so abusive, FAITH!
it doesn't cut, the soul is not so vibrant,
The reckoning, the sickening,
Back at you, subversion,
Pseudo-sacred psycho virgin,

Go to your deserts,
Go dig your graves,
then fill your mouth with all the money you will save,
Sinking in, getting smaller again,
I'm done! It has begun,

And the reign will kill us all,
we throw our selves against the wall,
but no one else can see,
the preservation of martyr in me,


Oh, there are cracks on the road we lay,
from where the Devil fell,
the secret death gone mad,
This is nothing new,
but would we kill it all?
the hate was all we had,

Who needs another mess,
we could start over,
just look me in the eyes and say im wrong,
now there's only emptiness,
but im missing something,
I think we're done,
Im not the only one,

And the reign will kill us all,
we throw our selves against the wall,
but no one else can see,
the preservation of martyr in me,


The Livings of the Day!
The Livings of the Day!
The livings of the Day!

Fake and defenseless lie (psychosocial)
I tried to tell you thrice (psychosocial)
Your hurtful lies are giving out,
Can't stop the killing (psychosocial)
I can't help if its hunting season
(psychosocial) ,
is this what you want
Im not the only one,

And the reign will kill us all,
we throw our selves against the wall,
but no one else can see,
the preservation of martyr in me,

The Livings of the Day!
The Livings of the Day!
The livings of the Day!


November 20, 2008

Bear Necessities Fundraiser

Yes it happened last week..and yes, it was awesome!! Nothing like seeing our own artistes with multifarious talents upon such an opulent night for a very good cause. Head out to or click HERE for more stuff on this magnificent event... cheerz!

November 13, 2008

Takin' a break...

I'd most probably be back with posts for trekkerz... in...oh say...December? hahah!! yeah yeah...I can hear the sighs of relief from a few people now...along with the,'Yay! No more stalking from this guy for awhile..woohooo!"...pffft. Ngee~Hee~Hee...

Adios amigos... and I leave u with this image... peace out!~!

We covered Dj Meg's performance last May, she was awesome. Great music and twas' a great night.. and i'm saying good night..

November 11, 2008

Just cause..I'm bored...

I never done this..not like it matters whether I have done it or not..actually I don't know how it 'goes' here..goes?

A. Attached or single... no women seems to be bothered to know when I start talking to them..koff koff..

B. Best Friend.. a title which is simply over-rated especially for guys.

C. Cake or Pie? ..errr.. if its good.. it don't matter really.

D. Day of choice...any day of the week where I don't 'HAVE' to be online.. for ANYTHING....

E. Essential item.. iPhone..sadly, I don't have one.. so I'd say my trusty LG Shine among other things...:P

F. Favorite color. . . black, grey, white, anything in metallic except pink..No Pink!!

G. Gummy bears or worms.. worms definitely..I meant the game called 'WORMS'...

H. Hometown... coulda' been better...

I. Indulgence.. ha ha ha... not telling ya'll, maybe I would if you ask me nicely..

J. January or July... hmm.. I'd say July, that's my next big long holiday break.

K. Kids.. hah! hahahah! hheheeh! hohohoho!!

L. Life/Love .. the former can't survive without the latter... though love is overrated at times.

M. Marriage... kikikiki!! kakakakka!!

N. Next plan after the 'BIG EVENT'.. slow-the-F@#K-down!!.. we all need a break from work.

O. Oranges or apples.. oranges tastes better with JD or BL... apple is good with a little wine or if its a pie..

P. Phobias.. Roaches.. but they'd be the last ones that'll still be around after a nuclear blast..why?

Q. Quotes.. " What people say about You, is none of Your business.." cause that's what people can't stop doing other than breathing...

R. Reason to live.. my family and the company.. also the reasons for smiling.. :D

S. Season of Choice... Rain.. I'd say snow which I last encountered back in 85'-86' in U.K. but that ain't gonna happen in K.K.

T. Tag 5 bozos/people... Barrack Obama(cause I can..:P) , Zie, Daniel, Eshark and you also lah..hahah!!

U. Unknown fact about me... certain individuals find me intimidating AND interesting?.. come on lah, stop asking around about me.. just ask me, I don't bite...

V. Veggies... top of the list would be mushrooms? not 'those' shrooms' that make u go...ah never mind u get the picture..

W. Worst habit.. I'd say my lungs have had enough.. but me being the 'self-proclaimed' physician that I am says, 'you'll live for a hundred years.. keep it up!!'.. LAWLZ!!

X. Xylophones, X-Factors and Xander.. you see the pattern? No.. neither did I.. who put this in anyways?

Y. Your favorite snack when surfin' up the web... more...errr...damn it! ..I ordered extra cheese!!!

Z. zzz... ooops, did I drool on your screen? oh yeah.. Zodiac.. from reading all above can you sum it up? here's a hint from 'somewhere-out-there'..

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

Aaaaand not to have this blog out of topic I leave you with this pic.. back in June this year...

Its the Dragon boat Race event...yeah the crew covered that event.. more info HERE. if you missed it.


November 04, 2008

Halloween at Jade's

What can I say... I got pissed drunk and almost hit the floor... can't run away from the She-Devil that was chasing me all night long. 5 shots of 'Devil-knows-what' she gave...uggh...'thanks' Cassie for 'reminding' me I owe you that many.. hehehe.

Yes, yes..if only in YOUR wildest dreams...I know thats' JACQ in maid costume, the rest not sure.

And yes... I leave you with this... ngee hee hee... don't mess with hu hu.. I learned 'after' I slept on the floor of my bedroom... not my bathroom,... sya baru 'up-level' so not so bad my intoxication..kiakakaka!!!

Cheerz matey!

October 10, 2008

Borneo International Marathon 08'

It was ... how to say...hmmm... an 'ocean' of people from all across Borneo and everywhere around the Australasian region and yes, the world over lah. Joined by so many participants multifarious of age groups, countries and background.

From start to finish it was an exhilarating and tiring experience for the Trekkerz' crew, yes we might not have joined the marathon but we did our 'own' running around too!!

And I thought it was Adrianna Lima..pffft..buang karan lah u guys! Some more pics of me 'browsing' around, wish I had a PSP or something...

{50mm Ef f1.4=rm400, exra batteries=rm350, This picture=PRICELESS..LAWLZ!!}

Some of the runners waiting for the 4.30am flag-off(42KM-Full Marathon)

Tina and Kate from AirAsia running for the 21KM/half-marathon.

10KM flag-off at 7am.

As we waited I did my rounds' of the place and one particular booth 'caught' my attention,..the Haagen Dazss ice cream and Coffee Bean. Too bad my stomach can't tolerate too much caffeine in the morning, had like 2 cans of Nescafe already...

This is where the runners can get a photo of themselves crossing the finishing line.

{Some of the crew waiting patiently for all the runners to reach the finishing line.}

The Cat Woman finally full costume like that, you gotta respect her for that. In red shirt is Shan, one of the main organizers.

The organizers and sponsors did a great job with the whole event thanks to them for making it a success and gave us a chance to be somewhat part of it.

AirAsia Press Conference coverage simply go HERE.
Coverage of the Borneo International Marathon-Pasta Party event go HERE.

August 19, 2008

Kundasang and the Highlands

The view of the valley so beautiful and picturesque under the afternoon twilight. So plush and green, so clean the air and so serene the ambiance. The place where the majestic Mount Kinabalu is located and to see such wonders is ...well..beyond words.

Not quite beyond words though...if the crew were beyond anything, it would be 'beyond-control'..hahaha!

Disregarding the incident of the 'Blue-Wira-of-Imminent-Doom', it was a fun 'trekking' and hopefully more will come in the future.

Ask this dude what that means...

As boys will be boys...there are no shortage of 'time-wasting' activities that can be executed..sigh..

All in was fun...well most of the times anyway...gonna go back up there again; and the next time would be...well, lets just say...BIG.

More information on Kundasang and the surrounding areas go HERE.

August 04, 2008

A 'Red-Carpet' Look @ Sabah Bloggers Gathering 08'

[ I KNOW this is waaaaay 'out-dated'; just done fixing(with much patience and agony I might say) my PC.]

Just picz...and a li'l extra for your trekking amusement.

Presenting After 6 Network on location at Imperial International Hotel, and as the crowd chills down; the crew tracks 'interviews' done by yours truly..tee hee hee.

No pun intended...oh wait!..actually puns are intended; great fun, great company, great night!!..I wonder...should I get the 'after party' pics up in here..hmm..not sure.

More stuff to check out on the SBG event at and

See ya'll Next year!!

August 01, 2008

The Trekkerz have Landed!

Kuching Waterfront. Last time I was here back in 2004 I think. It was a 'convoy' of some sort, 3 four-wheel drives and an assortment of 3-4 families. But I don't think I could go through that again.

[Please click the 'bubble-dialog' images to know what's up alright peeps!]

So this time, I think I'll fly. Arrived in Kuching Airpot probably around 11 pm if I'm not mistaken. The cab drove us straight to our budget-stay/lodge. Not that it was hard trying to find a cab to take you into Kuching city, we just felt a 'pick-up' would be 'fun'; arranged it with the lodge we stayed in.

Upon reaching our 'bunks', literally; we only rested for a few minutes and headed straight out for some sight seeing. Yeah, our schedule was tight. Really, really, really tight. You have no idea. So here are four blokes, some a bit 'laggy' from flight and already we were stretching our legs on the Kuching Waterfront.

Mind you, this place doesn't 'open-24 Hrs' so we just had to make most of our time there. If only someone could've told us it was a looooong stretch of a waterfront I would've probably stayed back at the lodge. But luckily I didn't, cause it was so, so awesome at night.

Jalan Borneo leading to Kuching Waterfront...its very lively at night due to the fact the street is littered with night spots.

Jalan Borneo - Kuching City

And we couldn't help but chill out at one of the night spots after moving up and down the whole stretch of the waterfront. It's a place to chill, relax, leave all your troubles,all BS your life have been throwing in your face and put everything behind you.

The night breeze, the food stalls...the lights..close proximity to clubs and bars....the ambiance of it all...the pain on my back...all was worth it. Even a place to meet new you can see from the picture below, trust me...It...Was...worth it. Ahem, ahem!!

Control macho'..jangan inda' control!..tidak sangka eh guys? Boleh terjumpa fellow sabahan di sana, cun lagik that...*koff koff, sia inda ingat eshark 'posing' dekat2, nampak gambar baru prasan plak... hehe.

Lots more info on Kuching Waterfront here.

July 28, 2008

Borneo: 3rd Largest Island in the World

BORNEO is filled with excitements and ineffable wonders, either day or night it never cease to amaze me even though I've been living almost 3 decades of my life here. And till today I'm still astounded by its vastness of multifarious cultures, traditions and ethnicities; and even the eclectic sights & sounds that only few places on earth could have.

This is our journey within Borneo and as all journeys that I've been through, its' always good to have friends/family around you. (Yes, sometimes its nice to have peace and quiet sometimes but not in this blog.)

The 'cast and crew' of this blog are a fun bunch indeed. (Sometimes we tend to have way too much fun, but thats' life as I prefer it to be.) All credits(and I mean ALL CREDITS) goes to them as they've made the whole process of trekking around Borneo more .... exhilarating?. So this is more of a 'dedication'/'memoirs'- thingamajig' to them. Hats' off to ya'll!!

A Picture speaks a Thousand Words...a glimpse of what this blog is about...

Pesta Gambus - July 2008

Orang Ulu House - Sarawak Cultural Village

Kulow Theater Play - World Harvest Festival 2008

DJ Meg - May 2008

Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak - 2008

Its' a journey, of what has happened, what is happening and of things that might happen. Who knows? Learned a lot in those journeys. Some of the stuff you'll be reading in this blog comes from either an event which took place long ago or only recently.

So disregard any dates you might see on the footer/bottom of each blog for each post/entry would not contain exact dates...maybe months, maybe. I'm pretty bad with dates and numbers as it is but I'm very good at recollecting of what happened and what I saw or heard.

I do assure you though...what you are about to read, will shock the very foundation of...the human psyche'? naaah...just kidding....enjoyable yes. If you want something that screws with your 'head' you could go to my other blog.

Enough ranting from me and enjoy the rest.

Next up...the Cast and Crew of