November 11, 2008

Just cause..I'm bored...

I never done this..not like it matters whether I have done it or not..actually I don't know how it 'goes' here..goes?

A. Attached or single... no women seems to be bothered to know when I start talking to them..koff koff..

B. Best Friend.. a title which is simply over-rated especially for guys.

C. Cake or Pie? ..errr.. if its good.. it don't matter really.

D. Day of choice...any day of the week where I don't 'HAVE' to be online.. for ANYTHING....

E. Essential item.. iPhone..sadly, I don't have one.. so I'd say my trusty LG Shine among other things...:P

F. Favorite color. . . black, grey, white, anything in metallic except pink..No Pink!!

G. Gummy bears or worms.. worms definitely..I meant the game called 'WORMS'...

H. Hometown... coulda' been better...

I. Indulgence.. ha ha ha... not telling ya'll, maybe I would if you ask me nicely..

J. January or July... hmm.. I'd say July, that's my next big long holiday break.

K. Kids.. hah! hahahah! hheheeh! hohohoho!!

L. Life/Love .. the former can't survive without the latter... though love is overrated at times.

M. Marriage... kikikiki!! kakakakka!!

N. Next plan after the 'BIG EVENT'.. slow-the-F@#K-down!!.. we all need a break from work.

O. Oranges or apples.. oranges tastes better with JD or BL... apple is good with a little wine or if its a pie..

P. Phobias.. Roaches.. but they'd be the last ones that'll still be around after a nuclear blast..why?

Q. Quotes.. " What people say about You, is none of Your business.." cause that's what people can't stop doing other than breathing...

R. Reason to live.. my family and the company.. also the reasons for smiling.. :D

S. Season of Choice... Rain.. I'd say snow which I last encountered back in 85'-86' in U.K. but that ain't gonna happen in K.K.

T. Tag 5 bozos/people... Barrack Obama(cause I can..:P) , Zie, Daniel, Eshark and you also lah..hahah!!

U. Unknown fact about me... certain individuals find me intimidating AND interesting?.. come on lah, stop asking around about me.. just ask me, I don't bite...

V. Veggies... top of the list would be mushrooms? not 'those' shrooms' that make u go...ah never mind u get the picture..

W. Worst habit.. I'd say my lungs have had enough.. but me being the 'self-proclaimed' physician that I am says, 'you'll live for a hundred years.. keep it up!!'.. LAWLZ!!

X. Xylophones, X-Factors and Xander.. you see the pattern? No.. neither did I.. who put this in anyways?

Y. Your favorite snack when surfin' up the web... more...errr...damn it! ..I ordered extra cheese!!!

Z. zzz... ooops, did I drool on your screen? oh yeah.. Zodiac.. from reading all above can you sum it up? here's a hint from 'somewhere-out-there'..

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

Aaaaand not to have this blog out of topic I leave you with this pic.. back in June this year...

Its the Dragon boat Race event...yeah the crew covered that event.. more info HERE. if you missed it.



Gallivanter said...

No women seems bothered to know? Flash your money at them! Hahaha!

chegu carol said...

i thought ur gonna put grey as first fav color instead of black...hahaha..sorilah fren..i bet u'd remember as the chegu who keep noticing ur grey shirt. :P

Xander Qruze said...

chegu-haha.. no probz, anything but pink lah..hehe

daniel-hehe, might work..usually i just flash my personality..:D

eshark said...

Aik! diam2 nampaknya sia kana 'tag' nih.. jadi mcmana nih mo serang 'tag' balik ka ni ah..

p/s: yg first A tu ba.. jus one word bro.. Uiseehhh!!