October 10, 2008

Borneo International Marathon 08'

It was ... how to say...hmmm... an 'ocean' of people from all across Borneo and everywhere around the Australasian region and yes, the world over lah. Joined by so many participants multifarious of age groups, countries and background.

From start to finish it was an exhilarating and tiring experience for the Trekkerz' crew, yes we might not have joined the marathon but we did our 'own' running around too!!

And I thought it was Adrianna Lima..pffft..buang karan lah u guys! Some more pics of me 'browsing' around, wish I had a PSP or something...

{50mm Ef f1.4=rm400, exra batteries=rm350, This picture=PRICELESS..LAWLZ!!}

Some of the runners waiting for the 4.30am flag-off(42KM-Full Marathon)

Tina and Kate from AirAsia running for the 21KM/half-marathon.

10KM flag-off at 7am.

As we waited I did my rounds' of the place and one particular booth 'caught' my attention,..the Haagen Dazss ice cream and Coffee Bean. Too bad my stomach can't tolerate too much caffeine in the morning, had like 2 cans of Nescafe already...

This is where the runners can get a photo of themselves crossing the finishing line.

{Some of the crew waiting patiently for all the runners to reach the finishing line.}

The Cat Woman finally arrived...in full costume like that, you gotta respect her for that. In red shirt is Shan, one of the main organizers.

The organizers and sponsors did a great job with the whole event thanks to them for making it a success and gave us a chance to be somewhat part of it.

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