November 04, 2008

Halloween at Jade's

What can I say... I got pissed drunk and almost hit the floor... can't run away from the She-Devil that was chasing me all night long. 5 shots of 'Devil-knows-what' she gave...uggh...'thanks' Cassie for 'reminding' me I owe you that many.. hehehe.

Yes, yes..if only in YOUR wildest dreams...I know thats' JACQ in maid costume, the rest not sure.

And yes... I leave you with this... ngee hee hee... don't mess with hu hu.. I learned 'after' I slept on the floor of my bedroom... not my bathroom,... sya baru 'up-level' so not so bad my intoxication..kiakakaka!!!

Cheerz matey!


cdason said...

the 3 girls in the photo are smokin man!!!

uncleawang said...

Happy Hallowen to you & your kawan-kawan semua.
Thanks for droping by anyway re -our B&W shot I prefer colour than later we fikir lah macam mana..Hitam,merah whatever colours hehehe..
Thanks again & have a nice day.
Look like you people enjoying the party.

chegu carol said...

hahaha...were u too drunk to take pic of radzie properly...kesian kepala dia kena potong....hehehe...

and man..u were on grey shirt again! i guess, even halloween couldnt force you into leaving behind ur fav grey shirt eh? hehehe

cool party...too bad i had to be in keningau for my dad's bday or else i would have come dressed up as scary fairy...hahaha...

Xander Qruze said...

chegu-astaga brown bah tuh moi, sya edit..hehe..mabuk si Cassie tuba kow2 hehe..

uncle-no probz, i always wanna learn hehe

cdason-yeah man! and they are super-friendly too. I only know the maid' lah..yg teacher tuh kinda' extra 'smokin' to me..heheh!

chegu carol said...

oh haha..brown kah tu? looks like grey...heheh!