August 01, 2008

The Trekkerz have Landed!

Kuching Waterfront. Last time I was here back in 2004 I think. It was a 'convoy' of some sort, 3 four-wheel drives and an assortment of 3-4 families. But I don't think I could go through that again.

[Please click the 'bubble-dialog' images to know what's up alright peeps!]

So this time, I think I'll fly. Arrived in Kuching Airpot probably around 11 pm if I'm not mistaken. The cab drove us straight to our budget-stay/lodge. Not that it was hard trying to find a cab to take you into Kuching city, we just felt a 'pick-up' would be 'fun'; arranged it with the lodge we stayed in.

Upon reaching our 'bunks', literally; we only rested for a few minutes and headed straight out for some sight seeing. Yeah, our schedule was tight. Really, really, really tight. You have no idea. So here are four blokes, some a bit 'laggy' from flight and already we were stretching our legs on the Kuching Waterfront.

Mind you, this place doesn't 'open-24 Hrs' so we just had to make most of our time there. If only someone could've told us it was a looooong stretch of a waterfront I would've probably stayed back at the lodge. But luckily I didn't, cause it was so, so awesome at night.

Jalan Borneo leading to Kuching Waterfront...its very lively at night due to the fact the street is littered with night spots.

Jalan Borneo - Kuching City

And we couldn't help but chill out at one of the night spots after moving up and down the whole stretch of the waterfront. It's a place to chill, relax, leave all your troubles,all BS your life have been throwing in your face and put everything behind you.

The night breeze, the food stalls...the lights..close proximity to clubs and bars....the ambiance of it all...the pain on my back...all was worth it. Even a place to meet new you can see from the picture below, trust me...It...Was...worth it. Ahem, ahem!!

Control macho'..jangan inda' control!..tidak sangka eh guys? Boleh terjumpa fellow sabahan di sana, cun lagik that...*koff koff, sia inda ingat eshark 'posing' dekat2, nampak gambar baru prasan plak... hehe.

Lots more info on Kuching Waterfront here.


maslight said...

So the hours of RGB colors all the time actually paid off huh?

Anyways, never been to Kuching before, but I've been to Miri. I need time and money to go. But most importantly money @_@

Joanna Lye said...

hahaha shiver look stoned

Xander Qruze said...

joanna> jgn ko, muka ninja control macho' that..LOL!

Mas> yeah, tiring but fun definitely.hehe

JACQ said...

LOL! funny lah the dialogs!

Xander Qruze said...

hehe, thnx Jacq. Wait for the SBG punya 'dialogz', comin' up soon. LOL!

misslamau said...

khap khun khappp!!

Xander Qruze said...

misslamau>LOL! punya chun ur thai-language...sakit perut sia mlm tu di coccoon...hehe,ops did I spell tht rite? hehe

maslight said...

dood..mana post!!!!???