August 19, 2008

Kundasang and the Highlands

The view of the valley so beautiful and picturesque under the afternoon twilight. So plush and green, so clean the air and so serene the ambiance. The place where the majestic Mount Kinabalu is located and to see such wonders is ...well..beyond words.

Not quite beyond words though...if the crew were beyond anything, it would be 'beyond-control'..hahaha!

Disregarding the incident of the 'Blue-Wira-of-Imminent-Doom', it was a fun 'trekking' and hopefully more will come in the future.

Ask this dude what that means...

As boys will be boys...there are no shortage of 'time-wasting' activities that can be executed..sigh..

All in was fun...well most of the times anyway...gonna go back up there again; and the next time would be...well, lets just say...BIG.

More information on Kundasang and the surrounding areas go HERE.


maslight said...

*tears of joy. WAW I see panja in almost all the shots! Since when panja jadi model? @_@ waw~

5th photo (the one he got his hand in his pocket), ini trip lemon ka? XD oh but that's a gewd shot XD I rike! XD


Ahhh this post so make my day! XD

Bebe said...

wow!when I saw your pictures I really do miss kundasang.Hehehe you guys are so hilarious.Thanks for dropping by my blog.Gee you make my day too :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Hi!! dropping by to say hello..
I miss kundasang very much..not that I'm from kundasang, (i'm from ranau). Well, i miss the 'sayur' actually..hehee

eshark said...

Aisehmann.. siok kamurang haa. Sorry cannot make it la that day.. Poring shots?? mana eh.. Show me the 'sniper mode' babes

Xander Qruze said...

mas> wah wah, sukung panggil panja yerr? huhu..model?..lari dari camera tu org mana bleh jadik model..kikiki

Bebe>yeah I missed it a lot too, drop by once awhile to 'unwind' hehe.

Kadus-mama> hmm..besides the sayur2 I also missed the 'weather' jgak sana, siok eh..kalau la KK sejuk2 kan best..

eshark> ok boss...nanti sia pownce sama ko..heihihi..

melbie said...

Napa c daniel sangat jadi model utama tu? hehehhhe

p.s: Thanks for visiting SabahanCuisine ah ... datang²lah melawat selalu walau sia jarang update tu sana ... hehehe

Anisha said...


Thanks for dropping by! Great pictures--and I love the captions/speech bubbles.

chegu carol said...

is it just me or that grey shirt of yours is your favorite shirt?? hehe....or maybe you have many grey shirts. mcm selalu dlm gmbar, grey shirt saja ko pakai. ;)

Xander Qruze said...

chegu>actually I got more than one grey shirt..haha..

anisha>no probs, glad u like it.

melbie> ok bah, i love food anyways; hehe..

sweet-girlicious said...'s a nice cold place there..anyway, thanks for the comment..hehhe

Xander Qruze said...

sweet-girlicious> no probs girl, stay tuned tomorrow new post...lama sudah bangas this I hope i can still do 'dialogue-bubbles' hehe.. cheers and thanks for dropping by.

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Only Garlic gets along with the dogs actually, the other Spice Cats do not really like to be too close to them. Haha...

uncleawang said...

Thank You for viewing my blog and your kind of words.
Kudasang is my dream place to visit but belum planing budget belum hantar kat dewan negri sarawak hehehe..
Take care.

Xander Qruze said...

hello uncleawang,

no probs, me myself kinda 'itchin' to go back kuching hehe, budget sama jgak blum hantar to Sabah-CM haha...hoped u enjoyed my posts!