August 16, 2009


Yesterday one of my peeps' called me up and said, 'Heavy Bass, lights, engines, oil, carbon-monoxide emissions, 1Borneo, crowded people with chance of getting infected with H1N1, awesomely modified cars; interior and exterior, let's check it out!'.

I gave him a few seconds of silence on the phone till he said, 'Ok lah...and at least a dozen car-models will be there as well bah...'(yes,please do correct me if this term is politically-incorrect.)

And so I told him, "Cheeww... say lah morning-morning lagi...' Yes there were so many people..fine, not 'soooo' many people but 'quite' so many people. Enough to make me take a 'breather' inside 1Borneo cause I had problem breathing outside what with all the noise and...people. Dozens of types of automobiles were there including your..ermm.. kapcai-kapcai also were present and definitely didn't want to lose out to the larger vehicles. Interior and exteriors were re-modified so much I can't tell what brand of car or what type was I looking at. Like the picture above for example, maybe its Daihatsu or the Viva or Ariva or ...whatever... cars aren't my "cup of teh tarik". So don't flame me for the wrong terminologies and/or misinterpretations of the automobiles. BUT, I DO know, with TV screens and two joypads of PS2 inside any car is definitely a PLUS for me. If its' PS3 AND Street Fighter 4? I think you need to pry me away with a crowbar just to get me out of that car!

Some of these owners are really big winners like this one you see below. I lost count on how many certificates, trophies and/or acknowledgments of his car's uber-awesomeness. I only had the chance to take the front but trust me, the rest of this car was splendid.

'THIS' language and/or terminology on the other hand; I do speak.

These elegant and exquisitely dazzling and classy-yet appealing and alluring statuesque ladies were also present and no boys, they don't bite. They were pretty friendly as well, but you'd expect that especially when they're on the job. I only know (the name only aah..not know as in know the person) 2 of em'.

, there were so many of them just that I can't share ALL their pics, my friend on the other hand has loads of em'. That is it for me, and to leave you with my expertise on this 'field'...from left to right and in by no means disrespectful and/or demeaning either intentionally or unintentionally - The Alluring, The Resplendently-Charming, The Sweetness, The Delightfully-Jovial, The Vivaciously-Stunning and last but not least...the Foxy-Cutie Pie.

Oh and here's a li'l game for ya, try to find shiVER aka Daniel aka panja aka Ninja from the first picture; he's in there. Spot him and you'll get a prize!! No I won't tell you what prize, just that you gonna get it.


chegu carol said...

walaweii bro...ada cob web sdh your blog. long time not see any updates but today :)

Xander said...

hehe bukan lagik cob web chegu; dua tiga sarang pun 'tumbuh' sudah haha..thanx for dropping by tho' :)

maslight said...

Spotting panja was easy. He's the one sitting on the stage wearing the blue with red line (around the shoulder) collared shirt XD hehehe

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