July 28, 2008

The Cast & Crew...

BORNEO. Don't ask. Please just don't. I won't be moderating any comments but spare me the agony of publicly humiliating you for asking..haha!! Just kidding. (Yes, I KNOW you wanna ask why start with that word). Just felt like starting with that word again. duh!

These are an eclectic ensemble of individuals with rhapsodic yet fervent visions and dreams.

D' : a.k.a Shiver, a.k.a Ninja, a.k.a Borneo Ninja, a.k.a Dato' Doctor Daniel. This is 'one-of-a-kind' shot. He actually allowed the crew to take a photo of him, that's like asking Road-Runner to stop running everytime the Coyote is on its' arse. Extreme phobia with anything that resembles a kit-lenses, zoom-lenses, wide-angle lenses, lens cap, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, camera strap, camera bag or anything that goes 'k'chiktt!'(yes, bad impression of a shutter, I KnoW.)

Zero: a.k.a Razz, a.k.a Zie, a.k.a paparadzie. a.k.a Kok-Lawi. Not sure why he's looking up. Not sure if he keeps telling himself that the girl the night before was 'definitely' looking AT him instead of his camera-lenses; but what I'm sure of is he's always thinking...waaaay 'outside-the-box'. Or was it circle or triangle? Can never tell whats' he got 'cookin' up there.

Sharkie' : a.k.a shark-man, a.k.a eshark, a.k.a The-Sniper. Truth be told, this one's quite a handful but in a very, very good way. A family man, loves his wife and loves his wives. Wives as in his equipments and anything or everything that he could capture with em'.

Xander : a.k.a Xander Qruze, a.k.a malleus21, a.k.a ryzal187 - "Wanna swim with the fishes?." If you're thinkin', think BIG. If you're dreamin', dream BIG. This one's a mystery...maybe. One thing for sure though; someone, somewhere out there is definitely saying, 'Didn't see that one comin'!' or somewhere along the lines of,'Yeah that was obvious, I think...'.

Next-Up...some people I'm sure would not want to miss.

The Trekkerz' have Landed...(NOT trekkie!!!)

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maslight said...

I'm dissatisfied with Panja's photo...phail man phail. Should show his face, itu lemon pose tu @_@ Oh yeah, and candid is the best, especially when he's laughing XD

Ooooo it's a 4 man crew rupanya..and now I knows